Ladybug pin badge
Ladybug pin badge
Ladybug pin badge
Ladybug pin badge


Ladybug pin badge

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Ladybug motif pin badge.
One point is attached to the brim of the hat or the jacket.

made in Japan
H13mm × W11mm
Possible to 2-3mm thickness

<Handling Notes>
·The point of the needle is pointed, so pins can damage the human body.
·When you attach this product to clothes or bags, please make sure that the pins are stuck.
·Please make sure that the pins of the items you are wearing are stuck regularly.Please be careful of injuries caused by pins.
·Sometimes rusty due to its nature.Please avoid high temperature and humidity when using and preserving for a long time.Please do not use it in rainy or foggy conditions.
·A needle hole will be opened in the object to be worn (clothes, bags, etc.) when worn.Please be careful.
·Please do not use it for purposes other than those used as a badge.

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