The designer / founder

Founder / designer

Mieko Uesako

Go to Tokyo at 18 years old; in ファションデザイナー.
I start the work of the design in MILK of Harajuku.
I learn cutting with a style image by Setsu mode seminar in Institute of culture clothes.
I establish ノーマ Gene Co., Ltd. in 1975.
Other than pret-a-porter MIEKO UESAKO brand, I deal with many singers, the stage clothes production of the talent, CM, telecine clothes.

I start MIEKO UESAKO SPORTS in 1994. With a golf article as a start, the golf wear designs it, too. The beginning only as for the Lady's.
The men's line started in the third year, too.

I was said to be it very much what you thought about from the circumference at the time when a maker withdrew in sequence after a Japanese bubble collapsed.
However, there were not clothes to wear though oneself went for golf in those days.
Therefore I made the golf wear which descended from プレタ where oneself came over to for many years.

The opportunity with the fire is a head cover.
After all for a blockbuster to have been said that I cannot be popular, but to be able to sell 200,000!

Former President Clinton who visited Japan came to the shop of Ginza, and many fans came to come to the shop from the foreign countries.

Mieko Uesako Sports of the golf brand is finished by the partner cancellation with the business partner in 2006, but starts again just after that as Noisy Noisy. I open Hiroo, Nagoya, an Internet shop (Korean, English correspondence).
It is taken office as a director of MU Sports Korea, Müci in 2014 by Spring / Summer.
MIEKO UESAKO SPORTS which stopped in Japan from spring and summer in 2019 is a start of the expectation